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The Little Apple Tree

By Nia Peeples

 Why I wrote this book


 “I felt like I was a part of the book. Like I was growing along with it.” 


“I learned that I’m doing more of a favor to my friends by being myself    

than trying to make them happy by being someone they want me to be.”


 “I learned that you  can be a magnificent person if you just let yourself grow and be yourself.” 

 5th grade students

The Little Apple Tree

A profound allegory that gently guides you into a deeper understanding of self-love, LOVE, relationships, and the power of honoring your True and Divine Self and the Divinity in others; with which comes the inherent harmony of expressing from that state of being.


In 2018 Nia Peeples set out on a 3 week Radical Heart Road Trip, driving across 10 states to workshop The Little AppleTree with Jr. high and high school students and their parents, as well as with 5th graders. The impact was nothing less than profound.

Since those workshops, The Little Apple Tree has been adopted in several classrooms and a few different schools by teachers inspired to write new curriculum around it, perform school plays and use it as a source for reading buddies with kindergartners. Since infusing the energy and message of this profound little book in the schools, here are some of the results:

  1. 68% improved reading scores

  2. 86% improved math scores

  3. Love and compassion are now central theme. The principal even closes each intercom announcement with “In case no one has told you today, you are loved.”

  4. Teachers are implementing a 1minute meditation between subjects.

  5. Substantial increase in compassionate action between students, their teachers, and their parents.​


    TLAT has now become mandatory reading at the High School Level in Bogota Colombia. Nia is traveling there in the spring to collaborate with the teachers in creating curriculum around it.

An inspired group of award winning animators in Italy have taken it on as their passion project. A Music Video is in the process to raise funds for the short animated film currently in early development.

A theme song for the film has been written and recorded and is making its rounds for the addition of international voices. As of today, the beautiful voices of US elementary students, orphaned Burmese refugee children and a Palestinian Israeli artist have been added to the frequency of the song: Bold, Brave, True.

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